Service Units

Inspection and Vigilance Cell

The Inspection and Vigilance Cell was established on March 28, 2006. The Cell was set up to protect the public, employees and the department through fair, thorough and pro-active enquiries/ investigations of alleged misconduct. Identifying and effecting corrective action of police department personnel and changing procedures/ practices that negatively affect the quality of life of general public.

The cell is mandated to carry out the following functions:

  • Take appropriate action so that misconduct of a few will not tarnish the overall reputation of the police Department as police are the protector of life, property and honor of public.
  • Protect the police against false and malicious allegations of misconduct by ensuring fairness and accuracy in all investigations/ enquiries.
  • Restore public confidence in police, make it work efficiently and inculcate a sense of responsibility and accountability at various levels.

Elite Police Force

The Elite Police Force, also known as the Elite Force or Police Commandos, is a branch of Punjab Police that specializes in counter-terrorist operations and special security duties as well as acting against serious crimes and performing high-risk operations, which cannot be carried out by the regular police. It was formed in 1998 as a counterterrorism unit. Khanewal is equipped with the Elite Forces that are trained to combat all sorts of crime situations.

Anti-Car Lifting Unit

Every year around 11000 vehicles worth Rs 2 billion are stolen in Pakistan. The stolen vehicles are either resold to innocent buyers or used in some nefarious activity. It has been recorded that stolen vehicles are used to facilitate heinous crimes like murder, robbery/ dacoity, kidnapping/ abduction, drug trafficking, etc. It is, therefore, logical that the owner/user of such a vehicle is ostensibly linked with the crime and the poor fellow is caught between two fires, one being the loss of the vehicle and the other being burdened to prove his innocence with respect to the crime committed in which his stolen vehicle was used. In both the cases victims are the innocent citizens. District Police Khanewal management has taken an appreciable initiative to establish Anti-Car Lifting Unit to overcome the theft of vehicles. Anti-Car Lifting Unit is responsible to combat crimes related to vehicle threats.

Police Qaumi Razakar

Police Qaumi Razakar is a volunteer force in Pakistan. Its duty includes the maintenance of law and order situation by helping the police in all police stations and headquarters to maintaining public security. They also extend their help in times of natural calamities.

Rescue 15

Rescue 15 Call Centre Khanewal was established on January 1, 2012 in DPO Office Khanewal. The Call Centre is providing following services to the people of Khanewal:

  • Emergency help in crime/ accidents
  • Theft reporting counter
  • Verification of vehicles
  • Missing/lost persons
  • Ambulance Service
  • Elite Combat Team
  • Antiriot Reserve
  • Coordination of Fire Brigade service
  • Bomb Disposal Squads
  • Loud Speaker violation control
  • Motor/cycle Squad
  • Mobile Phone Blocking (By IMEI System)
  • Free criminal sketch
  • NADRA (Computerize Identity Card ) Verifications
  • Registration Vehicles Verifications (MTMIS)